Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Their Daddy...

My Darling,
     Do you remember our first baby?  How excited we were?  I think the minute we found out I was pregnant, we ran to the store and bought cute little green of course, because we didn't know whether she'd be a boy or a girl.  Do you remember how everything seemed to be going so perfectly, and we had told all our friends and our parents were ecstatic?  And then, I know you remember, what the doctor said..."there doesn't seem to be a heartbeat..."  And in that instant, all those dreams were shattered...and that feeling of utter emptiness and loneliness, that palpable emtpiness.  Although that had to be one of the most difficult times of our lives, a time that we would re-live four more was then that I realized the kind of man that I had married.  I realized the depth of not only your love for me, but for the children that we would have...for those adorable ones in that picture up there.  I realized that no matter what our future held, it held us, together. 
    Steve, together we've discovered that this parenting thing is so very difficult; not only during those times before they were born, but during the crazy ones since--those times when Elijah wants the green bowl (not the Thomas one!), when Evelyn has colored the walls, and Isaac hasn't moved from the TV in hours, that we wonder what we've gotten ourselves into.  But, there is absolutely no one I would want to look to and roll my eyes with.  You are the daddy that our children need; that teaches them not only how to play Mario Kart, but how to sing harmony, and cast a fishing line.  You are the husband I need to keep me calm and sane and to remind me that these babies of ours are God-given, parent-blessing gifts that will change the world.
   I love you...and now the whole blogosphere knows it too!  Happy Father's Day, my darling!         

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