Friday, June 25, 2010

The Braggin' Pastor!

My little church in Lee, IL has hit the bigtime!  We're in the Lutheran--hey, for us, it's not so bad!  Following is the article I sent to them, and then the link to the distillation thereof.  But, I am so proud of them!  Go Lutherans!  Especially those in little churches still serving in the country!

Once upon a time, there was this little church in the middle of the country, and they decided they wanted to do something nice for people. “Feed them”…Jesus said, so they did. They opened up their doors and made these really great signs and some really fluffy pancakes, and they were feeling so wonderful and hospitable and gracious, and pretty good about themselves. Which was good, because sometimes little country churches don’t always feel that way. But, for some reason, no one came. They’d hear the door open, and get all excited, but alas it was just another one of the nice little church people. “Where are they,” they asked each other. “Don’t they know how great and wonderful we are? Don’t they know we want to help them? What kind of people can’t take the time to walk the few blocks and come through our doors?” And the little country church started to get a little discouraged…and wondered if maybe they really couldn’t do it. Maybe God really wouldn’t use them; they were too small, too insignificant, too different…when suddenly a little angel voice said “what if we took the pancakes to them?” And the world flipped on its head. What if we took the pancakes to them…what if instead of asking others to step out of their world, we stepped out of ours…what if instead of complaining that no one ever comes!, they decided to put some legs on the gospel.

So the little church opened their doors again, this time not asking others to come in, but in order to go out. And they met some really hungry people; some people who said “we haven’t had a hot meal in such a long time;” they talked with some people who needed to tell their story as much as they needed a plate full of syrup. They met some people outside those little county church doors…actually they met Jesus, and the view from that upside down world, has never looked better.

Are you hungry yet!?!? If so, join our Nurture Kitchen at First Lutheran in Lee, IL with your presence or your prayers. We are currently open the 3rd Saturday of the month (although we’d love to expand!), and we serve a free meal of pancakes, sausage and bacon to anyone who happens to come through our doors, (or when no one shows up) to those gathered at the local NICE Center food pantry. Bring your apron, your pancake flipper, and your hungry heart—because amazingly enough, pancakes can change the world.

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  4. Go First Lutheran Church and the pancake brigade!

  5. Liked your version better. Editors!