Thursday, June 30, 2011

In a fabulous mood...

     I figured I should probably write now before it passes!  I've had a post circling in my head for the past few days about parenting and children and insanity, but that one has to wait, because I need to share somefrom the unholy pastor part of me!
     I read in someone else's blog recently about "crowd and core" mentality for church growth; that many churches hat are growing do so with big, flashy media, and great passion-filled sermons, and young, cool, hip people to show how cool their congregation is!  His premise however is that Lutheran churches don't do so well going that glory route...they are centered in the cross, and know that churches are built not by numbers but through loving Christ-filled relationships.
     You know the amazing thing?  These relationships can be built and nurtured no matter how big the congregation...the whole two or three gathered thing.  And right now my tiny little congregation is feeling the Spirit blow and is listening!  We've literally opened our doors to the community and have walked outside; for two hours every Thursday we fill the parking lot with bouncing balls, blowing bubbles, hula-hoops, and lots and lots of chalk.  And we play!  We sent invitations and they've showed up...on bikes and scooters, in cars and on foot!  And not only the kids, but their parents, and not only me, but our own young people and grandmas alike!  And after we play, we eat lunch, all clean up and go home.
    And in three short weeks, I've met more people from Lee than I have in the five years I've been there!  And relationships are being formed...and maybe (since indeed there are two or three gathered)...Jesus has eaten a few peanut butter sandwiches too!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back from NIS Synod Assembly...

I had such a great time--it is so wonderful to gather with good friends, hear the most amazing proclaimers of God's gracious Word, and be sent forth to do a lttle instigating of my own.

And, I've come up with title to a book which will be forth coming in the next decade.  (Thank you to Cayce, Jeremy, Deb and my husband for affirming my ramblings.  "Does this fig leaf make my butt look big?"  Fabulous, right?!?!?!  You'd buy that wouldn't you?!??!?!  It will obviously have to do with weight, with how women refuse to see themselves as children of God, with why we seek affirmation (or critique) from others, and what words Jesus might have to say to us.  Of course there's a possibility this book has already been written, but until I discover that, I'm quite excited!

Have a fabulous day all!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look at me! Day two!

Hello people!  Today was a great day!  My workout was the easiest it's ever been!  Kidz Klub had 16 kids with five children I've never seen before!  I pitched a few strikes in the church softball game!  And tomorrow I leave my children and get to see lots of my friends (and maybe play a little cribbage!).  Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've been debating...

And I've decided that indeed I should continue writing this crazy blog thing.  It's been awhile I know, but whenever I have a great day or a horrible one, I decide that no one really wants to hear about it.  But, then I discovered that the nation's favorite toilet paper indeed has its own blog (that came out of left field!) if tp can do it, so can I!  I'm going to seriously try (no!)...I AM going to post every day this summer; and here's the reason:  I'm taking a step back with this weight loss thing--I'm not stopping by any means, but I need to figure out why I still don't like myself.  It's stupid--there are people with real problems...with real struggles, but if I can't love myself...I'm going to be no good to anyone else.  Right?  I want to enjoy these next 25 pounds I lose...I want to look at myself and be feel feel strong and worthwhile, not like the 12-year-old girl who looks at the floor, never feeling good enough, wondering if she'll ever fit in.  So, with some fabulous counseling, some major blog writing, and some support and love from friends (hint, hint), this will be a summer when the girl in the mirror grows up...and sees the woman she's become.