Monday, June 14, 2010

Sharin' the Love

I'm jumping on the bandwagon!  I have a friend who thought there is simply too much negative energy going on in our beloved ELCA, so he has sent a letter of affirmation to our synod bishop Gary Wollersheim, ELCA bishop Mark Hanson, and ELCA VP Carlos Pena.  I've decided to do the same.  Following is my letter to Bishop Wollersheim.  If you've a member/pastor/part of the ELCA, why don't you do the same.  Sometimes even those big-wigs in our lives need to hear something positive.  Let's see if we can send enough love to far outweigh the death threats and you're going to hell letters they've already received.  So, come on--share the love!

Greetings Bishop Wollersheim,

I simply want to say thank you. Thank you for being such a faithful leader during this difficult time of high anxiety and conflict. Thank you for your grace and compassion in tempering that anxiety. Thank you for your prayers, your kindness, and your support to those of us discovering what new life awaits in the midst of these blessed changes.

My guess is you do not hear this enough: the ELCA has indeed been faithful to God and to God’s Word; I am so very proud to be a pastor within this church, and pray that we might continue to welcome in all of God’s people regardless of sex, or race, or age, or sexual identity.

Thank you again for your leadership. Know that you and Polly, your fabulous staff, the Northen Synod, and the ELCA are in my prayers, as we all journey forward, together being Christ’s hands and feet in the world.


Pastor Sarah Schaffner

     So spend your .44 cents and share the love!

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