Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Part-Time Sabbatical

My first post in quite awhile is a recent article I wrote for my church's might explain why I'm back again...

What Does Half a Sabbatical Equal?
Hopefully a Happier, Healthier, (Maybe Even) Holier Pastor/Wife/Mama/Friend 

I’d like to say this decision took a whole lot of time and a whole lot of prayer…but, really it was 
one of those split second eureka moments. And I haven’t changed my mind yet, so it might even be the 
right decision! So, here’s the plan: I am going to be working half-time until the end of the year 
(between 15-20 hours/week). Steve (I am so lucky to have such an accommodating spouse!) will now be working full-time. Most of you won’t even notice a change—I’ll still be preaching and in worship on Sundays, but my time in the office, on-call, and teaching will be limited for awhile. I am still available by text and e-mail (preferably text!), but know that I will be able to meet less often than I am now—not because I don’t like you, but because I need to divide my time a little more equitably with myself and with my family. 
 So here is where the vulnerability part comes in (Brene Brown would be proud!): I simply cannot 
do everything and do everything well. Since we moved here 18 months ago, we have spent so much 
time getting acclimated to our life in Eugene and at Bethesda, that I kind of forgot that being a pastor is 
not my only calling. As a result, I’ve neglected myself, gaining 30 pounds; my Rheumatoid Arthritis 
(partly because of the extra adipose) has become quite angry, making me bedridden for 2-3 days every 
four weeks or so and my children don’t even know what a home-cooked meal at the dinner table even 
looks like! I know that so many of you manage to pull it together every day; I know that I am truly lucky to have a vocation that is so very flexible; I know that this is something almost all of you wish that you could do. I also know, however, that it is something that I have to do, and in the end will be a much more faithful pastor/wife/mama. 
I write this partly so you can help hold me accountable; so that you can hold me in prayer, as I do 
for each one of you. I’m not going to set forth any lofty goals, but I am going to promise that I will not 
take this gift of time for granted. If you’d like to follow my ramblings about this part-time sabbatical, 
I’m restarting my blog at, where hopefully you can challenge and 
support me, as I once again seek to be a good steward of this precious life God has given me. 
With tremendous gratitude,