Monday, April 12, 2010

I've lost a dumbbell...

So, I began this last leg of my weight loss journey on my birthday. I vowed to myself, to my husband, to God, to all things holy and things well....not holy, that by my 35th birthday I will be at my goal weight of 159 pounds (an arbitrary number, yes...but, one that is on the actual chart of what normal people weigh! Never been on a chart, except of course the nylon ones, but the letter I wear is too big to actually confess to.). Anyway, I began with fabulous intentions (like always), I started a new reward system where I sent six of my greatest friends $10, and they were to each buy me a present (I love presents!), and I started counting my points and doing well...for an entire day! And then I ate some chocolate and some more chocolate and decided I would never succeed, always fail, and I would just gain more weight--at least I would get to eat whenever and whatever I wanted!
I then heard about this program through a friend of mine, and decided to attend the seminar. Of course leading up to the day (April 18), I ate everything I could get my hands on (seriously in one day I had two milky ways, 3 McDonald's cookies, a dijornio pizza, and ice cream...I think I probably threw an apple in there for good measure), and of course gained three more pounds since my 34th bday weight...
And then I went to this five hour class...and honestly things started to click. I have never been a gimic follower, a celebrity adorer, or someone who tries the latest, greatest thing..but, for some reason, this guy makes perfect sense. There's a lot more too it, but in a nutshell, you get your own tailored program...I get 1510 calories a day; I can't eat more than 450 calories at one sitting; and once I'm done eating a meal, I have to wait at least 3 hours to eat again. Other than that there isn't any rules--none! And...are you ready for this!?!?! Since following this for three entire days (I know, but at least it's biblical) I've lost 8 pounds! Eight pounds! Some water weight, sure; some not consuming 10,000 calories a day, sure; but, nonetheless, I've lost 8 pounds! As this guy says, he threw me a lifeline, and I'm pulling myself in.
So, 342 days, 49 weeks, and 65 pounds to go!

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