Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gotta Start Somewhere....Again.

1000 times I've failed. Most likely next week, I'll say 1001; but, for this day, I have to try again. Life's a journey, right? So, my goal for tomorrow--lose weight, don't yell at my children, write a fabulous life-chaging sermon, and maybe take a nap. Nothing like changing everything all at once. So, here's to you, first post...shalom.

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  1. The battle of weight. I know it well and have fought it on and off for almost my entire life. My prayers are with you.

    Overeaters Anonymous has made the most sense for me. It is not that I have lost weight, which I haven't, but it does explore why overeating, at least for some, is more of an emotional and spiritual issue like any addiction.