Saturday, January 8, 2011

72 days to go...

Hi!  First of all I would like to thank all of my friends for reminding me of my promise.  In my defense, my computer died...and although fbooking and emailing doable from an ipod, blogging is not!  So, I'm stealing Steve's and checking in. 
Let me tell you I've had one good week (as far as the program goes; ask me about my children, and the answer would be exactly the opposite).  But, I'm going to stay positive today.
So, I've absolutely stayed on this week.  And, guess what?  I cooked an actual dinner from scratch!  Like I used seasonings and everything!  And it was good!  Imagine that. AND...who knew it could get better?  I've done the couch to 5k thing, and am doing the running part at 5mph...that is fast for me (ask my brother Matt the nickname he gave me when I was 12--hint:  brother to Luigi, because of my ridiculous running)!  I've decided to do week one a number of times...just to give my feet a break...who says RA has to de-rail you?  Anyway...let me just say I'm proud of myself.  I'm going to accomplish this.  I'm going to have one area of this chaotic life of mine, that is under control and going in a positive direction!  And, I could not do this without each one of you--knowing that I have people praying and cheering for me keeps me from binging at 3:30 in the afternoon!
Now, if I could keep my kids from killing each would be pretty damn perfect! 
Until tomorrow...

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