Thursday, January 27, 2011

52 Days to Go and Takin' Advice from a 4-Year-Old

       "Mommy, mommy look what I learned in pre-school today!"  Elijah shouted as he started hopping on one foot (his newly acquired skill).  "I am so proud of myself!"
    I am so proud of myself, he grinned.  He couldn't have cared less if I was proud of him...he knew that what he was doing was awesome and it only mattered that he was proud.
    So, today I'm going to follow his lead.

I am so proud of myself!  I am proud that I have surrounded myself with such wonderful, caring, supportive, challenging, loving friends who love me exactly the way that I am.  I am proud that I have followed a program that is guiding me toward a healthier me.  I am proud that I am making choices that lead to life, not my own destruction.  I am proud that there are moments when I know deep within that God defines who I am, and not the number on the scale.  I am proud that when I'm not having one of those moemnts, I am blessed with the most amazing of husbands who shows me how wonderful I am.

Simply...I am so proud of myself.


  1. I should be :)
    This post made me it!