Wednesday, January 12, 2011

68 Days to Go...An Actual Post inside!

I'm reading this book called A Course in Weight Loss, mirrored after a book A Course in Miracles (which I've never read).  It's of course, a self-help book, that was commissioned by it's kind of touchy-feely and bad theologically (which I refuse to critique), because right now it's something I need to be reading.  Because the farther I get on this journey, the more I realize this is more than just about weight loss; and right now my biggest fear is that I'm not doing something right, that this will be just another yo-yo diet, and I will gain it all back.  So, I'm going to share with you exericse number two:
    "Thin-You Meets Not-Thin-You"  A letter written to Not-Thin-Me:

Dear Miss Piggy,
    I know you've had that name a long time--ever since we were six-years-old, when Ryan and Eric decided that would be the greatest thing to call you.  You were just a baby at the time--you didn't know that they were dumb little boys trying to tease you.  You didn't know that words spoken by someone who doesn't love you mean nothing.  You were just a baby--but, the problem Miss Piggy is that five years of elementary school taunts, does not give you the right to take over 30 years of my life.  Here's the thing--I understand what you're doing.  I know that you're trying to protect me; that giving me these extra layers are your way of helping me survive those taunts, of helping me make it through all those time of unrealistic expectations and fear of failure and disappointment.  But, my darling, I don't need you anymore.  I am now a grown woman; I do not need you to protect me from failure or even to shield me from success.  I will be just fine without that coat you've given me; I will succeed, I will fail, I will move forward, I will make mistakes, but I know that deep within me, I am enough!  I know deep within me that God loves me, that Steve loves me, and that underneath you, I love me...and I love you.  Thank you Miss Piggy for being there for me all those years, but I'm ready to go it alone.  I'm ready to move faster, to be healthier, to live longer, and to be joyful with who we've become.  You will always hold a special place in my heart, but from now on, that's the only place you'll be--
    Gratefully...but no longer yours...
                Your Coatless Friend...  

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