Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some pics, some thoughts, and a challenge...

Me--at the beginning; I am quite the happy camper!

Me and My husband (who has lost 60 pounds) at my baby sister's wedding.  Here I feel like a happy camper.

My whole happy camping family!  Evelyn (6), Elijah (3), Isaac (9)

Alright, so even I can see I've changed.  I'm now un-officially at the size I was when I got married...although not the same shape; it's kind of amaing what shifts around after you've given birth to three beautiful babies!  I just put on the outfit that I wore when Steve proposed to me...and it was actually kind of big! 
Here's the thing though:  nine months ago, I set a goal--that I would be at my goal weight by my 35th birthday.  I do feel good...but, I'm not at that goal yet...still about 35-40 pounds to go.  I want to succeed at this--If I don't, I won't feel like a failure (at least today), but I'd like to do this, to accomplish this, to feel like I set my sights on something and didn't bail when things got difficult.  I want to move into a size I've never been in before--I want to wear an Ann Taylor dress for my birthday party!   
So, here's what I'm going to do; first, I'm being gracious with myself during the holiday season...I simply cannot resist all this damn frosting that meets me on every cookie!  But beginning January 01, my marathon begins!  I am going to go free-day-less!  And, I'm going to enlist the help and support of my friends--real and virtual.  First, Jan 01, I'm blogging everyday (I know you'll believe it, when you read it!), and you all will hear my rants, ravings, and cravings.  Two, here's a challenge--if you're a TNCer, it requires no freedays; if you're a weight watcher, it's no flex points, if you're another dieter it's whatever your system on perfection...if you choose to accept it you'll put $15-20 into a pot...whoever goes the longest without a free day, w/o using flex points, w/o get the pot!  If we all succeed, at my birthday (since it's my challenge, I get to pick the date!), we will take all the money and go out for a big, splurgy, calorie-laen dinner!  If you want to join me, leave a post!  If you want to support me, do the same! 


  1. Okay, Sarah, I'm in... but don't make it any sort of competition with the guys about how much weight is lost. I could never compete. And, after the free meal, let's do it again! I'll organize that one since I'll still need it to lose weight. Let's do this!

  2. Hi there!
    I left a comment a few weeks ago but it's not here... anyhow, I think it's a great and ambitious goal and I'll support you 100%. I started up with WW again today (1/1) with the goal of getting back to my goal by my 35th bday in Feb. But, I can't go for perfection, just "in the zone" and hope that it all pays off! Good luck, and I look forward to following more of your journey :-)Elisabeth