Thursday, July 14, 2011

Okay, I'm better now...

New revelations today:  1.  You have to tell me to quit my whining!
                                       2.  Losing weight is just that, losing weight.  I am not going to uncover some deep, dark secrets that will help the weight melt off; I just need to eat less, exercise more, and realize this is just really, really hard work.
                                      3.  My self worth is not tied up in losing weight; it does not make me a better mom, pastor, wife, person, child of God; it just makes me a healthier one who wil live longer.
                                      4.  I have some really wonderful friends who tell me to just get over it, do what I need to do, and I'm just fine just the way I am.
So, that's all for time I'm all complain-y remind me what I've just said.  Thanks! 

1 comment:

  1. the daily torture we put ourselves through is not very fair to ourselves. Somehow we will stop it and just feel better about our selves. I am always looking for a way to do things better as if i make it into a big deal then it will be easier or work better :) hang in there