Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've been debating...

And I've decided that indeed I should continue writing this crazy blog thing.  It's been awhile I know, but whenever I have a great day or a horrible one, I decide that no one really wants to hear about it.  But, then I discovered that the nation's favorite toilet paper indeed has its own blog (that came out of left field!) if tp can do it, so can I!  I'm going to seriously try (no!)...I AM going to post every day this summer; and here's the reason:  I'm taking a step back with this weight loss thing--I'm not stopping by any means, but I need to figure out why I still don't like myself.  It's stupid--there are people with real problems...with real struggles, but if I can't love myself...I'm going to be no good to anyone else.  Right?  I want to enjoy these next 25 pounds I lose...I want to look at myself and be feel feel strong and worthwhile, not like the 12-year-old girl who looks at the floor, never feeling good enough, wondering if she'll ever fit in.  So, with some fabulous counseling, some major blog writing, and some support and love from friends (hint, hint), this will be a summer when the girl in the mirror grows up...and sees the woman she's become.


  1. **Stands up and cheers**

  2. like I need a like button. You are looking wonderful and cute. Loving ourselves is a life long battle and so important because look who we are raising but more children who we want to love themselves.