Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back from NIS Synod Assembly...

I had such a great time--it is so wonderful to gather with good friends, hear the most amazing proclaimers of God's gracious Word, and be sent forth to do a lttle instigating of my own.

And, I've come up with title to a book which will be forth coming in the next decade.  (Thank you to Cayce, Jeremy, Deb and my husband for affirming my ramblings.  "Does this fig leaf make my butt look big?"  Fabulous, right?!?!?!  You'd buy that wouldn't you?!??!?!  It will obviously have to do with weight, with how women refuse to see themselves as children of God, with why we seek affirmation (or critique) from others, and what words Jesus might have to say to us.  Of course there's a possibility this book has already been written, but until I discover that, I'm quite excited!

Have a fabulous day all!

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  1. Umm...I would totally read this book!!!-Jodie