Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I love Kansas!

    I've been living through the Rockies again these past couple of weeks.  Last week, was fabulous!  I've been doing this workout (I wish I could get paid for this:  but totally check our Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred), and honestly in 8 workouts I lost over 2.5 inches from my hips!  I've been feeling good and doing well, and then for no real reason, the road hit a valley.  And the whole tape of negative thoughts and "you're a loser" emerged again.  I even skipped text study, which is one of my most favorite times to gather with friends, and bemoaned (ie. whined like a four-year-old) the misery of my existence.  Today, however, I'm heading back into hill country, and Kansas got me there.
    I absolutely love my husband.  Even on those days when I don't want to live with myself, he will stop whatever he's doing and hold me tight.  He doesn't give me advice (although he did tell me eating a whole frosted cookie would not make me feel better), he doesn't tell me to snap out of it and tell me about those who have real problems, he simply listens, and wipes my tears and tells me he loves me.  I totally sound like a sappy Hallmark commercial, but that is virutally word for word what happened yesterday.  There is absolultey no one in this entire world who is as perfect for me as he is.  Steve--I love you more than pickles!  Thank you for being as sure and as steady as Kansas, and for loving me even when I don't deserve it.
   Now to you, my dear friends, if you've made it through all that, you deserve a prize!  Here it is.  An Invitation to my BIRTHDAY PARTY.  I know no details except that it will be held on Friday, March 25th in the evening.  Kansas is making all the plans (with help from some of his friends!)!  I do know it will NOT be in a church basement, that kids are NOT invited (there will be childcare provided at our house, however), you have to dress up!, and good food and copious amounts of liquid will be served!  And the guest list is open to anyone who happens to be walking by.  If you happen not to have a present, don't worry--there will be some availabe for purchase at the door!  Although this is for my birthday, it is also a way for me (and Steve) to show our thanks and gratitude and awe for the wonderful friends who travel with us through the varied topography of our lives (dear God, how cheezy does that sound!).  Anyway, mark your calendars!  And I'll see you on the 25th!