Friday, August 27, 2010

I Am Beautiful...

First of all...I love all of you!

Second of all...after letting this drift away (a few times it's come back), but you're all right. Damn it...this big bottom has given birth to three crazy children; my hips help me carry them, even when they should be walking (ahem...Elijah...walk!!!). You know the other funny literally the week before I told Steve that I was starting to like my body: I was beginning to appreciate my curves, and how I can show a waist (and without a butt, you can't do that!), and then I gave this power to someone I don't even know! So, you know what, that boy indeed has no power over me! I am beautiful, damn it (I say that expletive a lot; I need a new one!). I am a woman, created by God, exactly the way that I am. And instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks, I'm going to love what I've got! And, I'm going to get healthy, so I can dance with Evelyn, and tackle Isaac when he's practicing football, and chase the balls that Elijah hits over the fence. And instead of waiting for everyone else to say "you're beautiful," I'm going to say it.

So, here I go...

"Sarah, you are a child of God; a creation of God. You have been blessed by the most amazing of friends and family; and you know what, you are beautiful, exactly the way that you..."
Maybe each and every morning, we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and say that exact thing.  "______(insert your name here) YOU are a child of God.  YOU are beautiful."  I bet if we all did that, the world would become more beautiful in an instant, and everyone we met, might see the beauty in themselves as well.  I'm not sure...let's try it!  Let me know how it goes...
I love you, my beautiful friends! 


  1. I like this attitude so much better! I am going to say it every morning! Your amazing brother tells me almost every day, as I'm sure your amazing husband tells you, so we should be telling ourselves! Now we could just convince our sisters the same thing, all would be well!
    love you

  2. I'm so proud of you Sarah!! It takes real courage and strength to change how one thinks of themselves and it doesn't happen overnight, but I'm so proud of you for moving forward and honored to call you my friend!

  3. Sarah, thank you for this reminder! I need to tell myself that I am beautiful too! Im so proud of you for saying it for yourself and too yourself. I need to do the same! You are right....what a beautiful world this would be if we all told ourselves that we are beautiful every morning. Thank you my friend!

  4. Well said, dear friend! I was just talking (whining actually) to a friend here about weight issues, etc.... and we came to the same conclusion... what if we actually woke up each day and said positive affirmations about how we are meeting our goals, how we are beautiful and strong, and how we are getting healthier? If we keep telling ourselves the positive messages how much greater of an outlook will we have as we face the world each day? Thanks for the reminder :-) Lissa