Friday, May 14, 2010

Soon, I'll be able to make a cake!

So far, I've lost a stick of butter and now...a bag of sugar! Wahoo! A bag of flour and some chocolate chips and I could be baking a cake! I like thinking of it in food...because who in the hell needs a bag of sugar on their thighs?!?! Not me...well, at least not be for long! I have been on this program for an entire 34 days! 34 days! I've never stuck to anything for 34 days (except my marriage, but there was quite a bit of paperwork involved in that one--love you honey!). It feels to good to wake up each morning and to know that food has no control over me. That I am choosing what to eat, when to eat, and I'm eating because my body needs it, not because I'm trying to fulfil some other need.
I'm not sure if I've said this before, but the other day I got in a fight with my dad (something I never mom, sure (sorry mom), but not my dad). Anyway, I went to the car, wanted so badly to drive and get a frosted chocolate chip cookie, realized I couldn't, and so you know what I did? I cried. I actually cried; I couldn't eat to numb the pain I was feeling, and so I did what normal people did. I felt it; I let it out; I called my dad and apologized and I moved on--all without gaining a single ounce!
So, guess what has the power over me now? Absolutely nothing! Well, maybe Jesus...but this is a losin' it post, not an unholy pastor Absolutely Nothing!!! To recap in 34 days, I have lost 19 pounds. Only 55 pounds to go, and I might even make it to my driver's liscense weight that I lied about at 16...
And to top off the day, thanks to some wonderful friends (thanks Casey and Jeremy), tonight I go on a date with my adorable husband; we are going to a movie (packing our own snacks) and then grocery shopping (can't be all romantic)...It is so nice to feel like things/life/my mood in general is headed in a positive direction! What a great day! (Mark this in your calendars, I'm bound to be cranky rather shortly :))


  1. Two things: First, you have mentioned frosted cookies twice...where would I find one of those in Rochelle? Secondly, before she sees is Cayce. Glad you had fun!

  2. Hey..way to go! Any it's against movie theater policy rules to bring in your own snacks- just so you Pastors know that!