Monday, May 24, 2010

I love those ugly feet...

So, Steve has really the ugliest feet I've ever seen--his toes don't actually come out of the end of his foot, but more like from the top of them; his parents wouldn't buy him shoes when he needed new ones, and I think they kind of got crammed in there for so long, they got all deformed. Of course, when we were dating, I thought them--dare I say--kind of cute; they were unique, different, and made him who he was. However, as the years have gone on, they just seem to have gotten uglier and I try to encourage sock wearing as much as possible. First of all, know that Steve has agreed to my sharing his ugly foot synodrome, for illustrative purposes only...he does not want people staring at his feet every time you meet him...
So, here's the thing, for the past several (and I mean several months) I haven't liked his feet at all--actually I haven't liked Steve at all. I don't know if it's because we're making all these eating, spending, disciplining the kid changes or what, but we have hardly been able to be in the same room together. We'd call it "tag team" parenting...claiming we were just so busy that we had other things to do and couldn't be home. But, honestly we simply didn't like each other; he was frustrated with my score keeping (Me: "I've done 12 loads of laundary today, what have you done besides sit at a desk all day" Him: "I have a meeting, see you later."); he was annoyed with my cranky complaining (see earlier posts), and my inability to make a simple decision; and I...I was simply annoyed with pretty much everything--with his inability to let me know what he's really thinking...with his love of golf, his continually being right, his......well, I'll stop there.
Anyway, this past week, we fell in like again. I'm not quite sure how it happened. We were fighting about the kids, about money, about work, and he said something, and I said something, and we both started crying...and all those defenses and scorecards and should'ves melted away. It sounds cheesy, but since then, we actually like being together. We parent together, we clean the house together, we work together...even his feet seem to smell a little better.
To be completely cliche--this marriage thing is really hard. When we met each other 14 years ago, and married a few months later, we didn't know each other at all. We were still kids, dreaming of a perfect life, with the perfect partner. And to be even more cliche--we didn't find the perfect spouse, but we found the one who was perfect for us. Steve--you're perfect for me; you're Kansas, I'm the Rocky Mountains, and together we make one hell of a pair. I love you more than anything... and there is absolutely no one I want to journey through life with; So, my dear crazy looking feet boy, I adore you...and I will love you forever and unto eternity...
To the rest of you...sorry for that little moment... It's just so nice to be in like again, to feel at home and content and like I'm right where I belong.
I promise next post will not be so detailed--I'll talk about God or Jesus or the pains my children are being, and be clever and witty and brilliant :) Until next time though, I'm going to enjoy being married to the man of my dreams.

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  1. Awe what a great post! I totally understand what you are saying. Matt and I were in the same place until we went on our yearly marriage retreat last weekend. Thanks for sharing and being so honest with us all!
    Rachel March