Saturday, March 19, 2011

50 and counting...

  Yep that's right!  This morning that scale sitting on my bathroom floor, read 50 pounds lighter than it did 11 odd months ago!  50 pounds!  You know what's funny, I'm almost starting to notice...I know that seems crazy, but I'm starting to feel different, and a wee bit more confident, and like I can do this...actually, I AM doing this!  And tomorrow is my birthday, and I feel as giddy as a 6-year-old...I just picked up my personally ordered chocolate chip cookie cake, with pink and purple flowers and lots and lots of frosting!  And Steve is busy planning my surprise party!  And my children actually took naps this afternoon!  And, I'm simply in a good mood!  So, for now, I will say good-night, and soon I will post pictures from said surprise party! 

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