Sunday, September 12, 2010

No complainin' here!

Imagine that!  Today has been a fabulous day.  Are you ready to hear some positive words come out of my fingers!  I woke up early...which on a Sunday morning is a feat in itself.  And guess what?  I have officially lost 40 pounds!  40 pounds!  That's 4 bags of flour, or 8 bags of sugar, or 160 sticks of butter...or in non-food's an Elijah!  For some reason i'm weird THE END (Isaac took over for a minute); So, for some reason it feels real I look in the mirror and can actually tell that it's working.  It is indeed a wonderful feeling!

But, the day doesn't end there!  Then, I got to go to church and we actually have children in sunday school!  And they were so excited to get to acolyte!  And then after that, I preached a pretty dang good sermon that connected with me and with others, as well (see previous post); I know God really deserves the credit, but I'm taking it today!  And we sang some really great hymns (played by great musicians!)...and then...

I got to get a fry from Burger King (yeah free days!) and take a wonderful nap, and then I made an apple pie (again, yeah free day!). 

It's just been one fabulous day, and I had to share!  So, next time I'm moaning and complaining, remind me to look for butterflies or stray kittens...because Jesus is here.  I love being tagged!



  1. Sarah - you crack me up! AND congratulations on your 40 pounds and your fabulous day. AND - I enjoy reading your sermons! Great one today! Love to everyone...

  2. Hooray for your 40 lbs! That's really terrific!